Back To School And Back On The Road

August 11, 2022

School is back and the roads are as packed as ever. Those living in college towns know that the influx of students from around the country and world can lead to traffic at all hours of the day. However, students, especially those from out of state may not know the regular driving conditions of the city they have moved to. Prepping your vehicle for whatever the road throws at your vehicle is a must for every student this semester. Whether it’s a quick oil change, tire repair, or a routine check-up having a mechanic Greenville NC you can trust to keep your vehicle on the road all year long is crucial.

Oil Change

Regular oil changes are crucial to your vehicle’s engine lifespan. While overlooked, a simple oil change can keep your vehicle’s moving parts from overheating due to friction. This is especially true in vehicles that have higher mileage. If your vehicle was a hand-me-down high school graduation present, chances are the years of regular use have caused the engine to have a build-up of old oil. Having an auto repair Greenville NC shop flush your vehicle’s engine and filter and replace it with new conventional or synthetic oil should be on your to-do list this semester.

Tire Repair

Like most larger cities, college towns tend to have their fair share of road damage. This damage including potholes, cracked roads, and uneven pavement can cause your vehicle’s tires to wear sooner than expected. If your tires haven’t been replaced, rotated, or checked in a while you may find yourself a victim to a blown tire causing your vehicle to be out of commission and potentially causing you to miss valuable class time. Having a mechanic Greenville NC repair or replace worn tires before they give up can save you not only time but potentially thousands in damages to the wheel itself.

Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance much like studying is key to a great semester. Your vehicle needs routine maintenance to run smoothly throughout the year. Ensuring you have a mechanic Greenville NC that you can trust to run regular engine diagnostics, tire alignments, and more is crucial to any vehicle no matter the age or type. Other services such as transmission fluid flushes, cooling system repairs, and battery replacement are also key to keeping your vehicle’s engine in tip-top shape.

A New School Year With Auto Repair Greenville NC

If you’re a new student or a returning student, make your first stop a Pugh’s Tire & Service Center. Our team of experienced mechanic Greenville NC has years of location-specific knowledge to keep your vehicle running perfectly all semester long. Whether you require new tires or a simple service give us a call today or check out our website for more information.