How to Jump Your Car

November 20, 2020
Pugh’s Tire and Service Center is the first to understand that accidents and emergencies happen at the least convenient time. Leaving a dome light lit or listening to music for too long on battery power are both simple yet effective ways of draining your vehicle’s battery. The expert mechanics at Pugh’s Tire and Service Center are here to explain how to jump your car in a few simple steps.

Pre-Winter Check-Up for Your Vehicle

November 10, 2020
With Pugh’s Tire and Service Center, prepare your vehicle for the upcoming season, and stop by Pugh’s for an extra check-up of your fluids, heating and air, wheel alignment Greenville NC, and more.

Weird Traffic Laws in Surrounding States

October 22, 2020
Pugh’s Tire and Service Center, your local Firestone complete autocare center, wants each and every driver to be aware of the surrounding state’s bizarre driving laws in preparation for holiday travel.

Autocare You Should and Shouldn't Do Yourself

October 8, 2020
The amount of components it takes to maintain a car running properly is overwhelming, which is why there are a few Firestone autocare services that Pugh’s Tires and Service Center recommends you leaving to the professionals.

Brake Repair Greenville NC

September 29, 2020
To prevent worn out break pads and rotors, the brake repair Greenville NC specialists at Pugh’s Tire And Service Centers recommend getting your brakes examined at least once a year for your safety

How To Tell If It’s Time For A Wheel Alignment

September 15, 2020
Unfortunately, a slight alignment issue can lead to uneven tire wear which you want to avoid at all costs. But no worries, the tire specialists at Pugh’s Tire and Service Center have got you covered when it comes to wheel alignment Greenville NC.