Do Resi’s Make A Difference?

February 28, 2022

One of the most common tires Washington NC suspension components that drivers regularly replace is the front strut or shock assembly. This is due to a number of reasons, the primary being improving ride quality. When replacing struts, other than the brand, there is one significant differentiating factor. The optional remote reservoir is perhaps the most important option when choosing your next strut. Let’s take a look at what the remote reservoir does tire shops in Greenville NC.

Remote Reservoirs, What Are They?

If you have ever seen a front strut or shock assembly tire shops in Greenville NC, chances are you have probably seen a remote reservoir. While standard struts are one long tube, the reservoir is the secondary smaller tube attached via a hose to the primary strut or shock assembly. This reservoir houses the shock [dampener]( shocks can help,shock fade due to overheating.) allowing oil within the shock and the nitrogen gas to be separated via a dividing piston.

Remote Reservoirs, Are They Worth It?

With the added materials, tires Washington NC shocks that offer a remote reservoirs come with a significant price increase as opposed to their standard strut counterparts. With this price increase the question is often asked, “Do I need a reservoir”? The answer is relatively simple, no you do not need a reservoir. If you want the best possibly ride quality or have significant off-roading plans, then yes a remote reservoir would be greatly beneficial as it will keep the temperature of your shock oil drastically lower than that of a standard strut. However, you do not need a reservoir for the vast majority of vehicle applications tire shops in Greenville NC.

Pugh’s Tire & Service Centers | Tire Shops In Greenville NC

Remote reservoirs can be beneficial for your tire shops in Greenville NC new suspension setup, but are by no means required. Whether you are looking for regular struts or shocks with a remote reservoir, we at Pugh’s Tire & Service Centers have you covered! Check out our website, give us a call, or stop by one of our 5 locations today for more information.