Do You Need To Service Your Vehicle Air Conditioning?

April 13, 2022

With summer coming up and the warm days upon us, now is the perfect time to ensure your vehicle’s air conditioning is in tip-top shape. While most people don’t think of air conditioning as something that needs to be serviced, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Air conditioning systems have a wide variety of interconnected parts and components that require maintenance like any other vehicle system. Having your vehicle checked by an auto repair Greenville NC specialist for any issues in your AC system can keep you from a hot day disaster.

Vehicle Air Conditioning

Although air conditioning is generally designed to be cold, the AC system spends the vast majority of its time surrounded by hot vehicle components such as the engine. Refrigerant freon is the liquid that helps keep your air conditioning cold in conjunction with other parts, such as the air compressor, that allows the refrigerant freon to cool. This often-overlooked fluid during engine maintenance can cause serious damage to an AC when not filled properly. Having your go-to car shops in Greenville NC monitor the freon levels regularly should be your crucial first step in your AC’s routine maintenance.

Throughout daily driving a vehicle, there is a multitude of factors that can cause the different air conditioning lines or hoses to be disconnected, cracked, or clogged. This can be caused by things such as potholes/bumps in the road, refrigerant clogs, and road debris. Once the refrigerant freon loses the optimal pressure, you will notice a significant decrease in air conditioning performance. Have an auto repair Greenville NC specialist service or simply check your air conditioning system for any leaks or pressure issues. After doing the inspection ask them to also check for faulty components, and additives such as a lubricant, which may have been used by your dealership or previous maintenance team to ensure your air conditioning system remains in top-performing shape.

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Ensuring your vehicle’s air conditioning system is serviced at least once a year will keep ice-cold air blowing through your AC system all summer long! Whether your air conditioning system needs a tune-up or a part replacement, we at Pugh’s Tire & Service Centers have you covered. Our team of experienced auto repair Greenville NC specialists offers a wide variety of vehicle maintenance and services specifically designed for your make and model. To learn more about our services check out our website or give us a call today for more information!