Muffler Issues

March 14, 2022

A check engine light popping on can be a scary sight to see while driving. This is largely due to the stigma, that a major issue is wrong with your vehicle. That in turn creates the anxiety of a potentially costly repair. However, more often than not, quickly running engine diagnostics and flush, can help alleviate those fears and shed light on a less costly underlying problem. These problems can include as simple as faulty spark plugs or a muffler leak.

Faulty Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are often the cause of an engine light popping on in your dash. Spark plugs help ignite fuel to help your engine begin to run. Once your car is running, a spark plug's job is to continuously remove and reduce the heat inside the combustion chamber. However, spark plugs can regularly become faulty. This happens as they can often suffer from a build-up of grime from fuel. Furthermore, spark plug wires tend to become loose causing your engine to misfire, lose power, and trigger an engine light to come on. Having engine diagnostics and flush run on your vehicle can help you pinpoint what part of your spark plug mechanism is currently misfiring.

Muffler Leak

Muffler leaks can stem from a variety of reasons from regular wear and tear to improper installation. The most common of these two reasons is regular wear and tear. Driving your vehicle can cause buckling due to the extreme temperatures it faces on a consistent basis. These extreme temperatures reaching up to 1000 degrees can cause holes in the muffler system to arise leading to the leak. Once these leaks form you may find your muffler sounding louder than usual or giving off odd-smelling fumes that were not present prior to the leak. Furthermore, these leaks can also trigger your engine light warning. In any case, working with a muffler shop Greenville NC, can help you pinpoint the exact cause and location of the leak.

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Keeping up with regular maintenance on your engine is crucial for any vehicle. If your check engine light does come on, running an engine diagnostics and flush can help pinpoint the exact issue your vehicle is suffering from. If you need help with your vehicle maintenance, make sure to stop by and check out Pugh's Tire & Service Centers for all your maintenance needs!