Tire Tread Warnings

March 24, 2022

Have you ever wondered what makes one tire different from the other? The thickness of the tire, the width, and most importantly the tread. The tread of a tire is hands down the most important indicator of the use of the tire. Tire tread is also the perfect indicator for the length of time that the tire will still be safely useable. Understanding how to read the wear bars on tires can help keep you and your family safe each and every time you hit the road.

Use of Tire

Different types of tires have different uses. The tread on every tire is a tell-tale sign of the use of that specific type of tire. For example, a large bulky tread is perfect for softer roads, or dirt roads making it the perfect option for an off-road tire. On the opposite end, a completely smooth tire can help race cars grip the road better at extremely high speeds. While both these extreme tread differences help indicate the uses of those specific vehicles, noticing a difference in the average tire tread may be difficult. The nuances of the tread pattern direction, thickness, and material can make a world of difference. Talking to a tires Greenville NC specialist to learn more about what tire is best for you can help guide you in future tire purchasing decisions.

Tire Lifespan

Outside of being the best way to decipher the use, a tire's tread can indicate how much life is still left in your tire. As regular wear and tear affect your tires, you should begin to notice that the tire tread becomes thinner and the pattern is less pronounced. If you begin to notice your tread is becoming spaced apart and shallow, try following the penny test. The penny test is done by placing a penny face down in between your tire’s tread and if the head is covered you are good to go, if not it may be time to replace your tire. If you are still unsure about your tire’s tread after the penny test, you can also quickly inspect the wear bars on tires to ensure that there is even wear across your tire. This can help you see if your tires may just need a rotation rather than a complete replacement.

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Keeping up with regular maintenance on your tires is crucial for any vehicle. Monitoring the wear bars on tires and overall checkups on your tread can help you make sure your car is road-ready and safe to drive while saving you thousands in potential repairs in the future. If you need help with your vehicle maintenance, make sure to stop by and check out Pugh's Tire & Service Centers for all your tires Greenville NC needs!