Mud Terrain T/A KM3

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Designed for off-road enthusiasts, the Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 is a mud-terrain tire that offers drivers better mud and rock traction along with tougher sidewalls.

Features & Benefits

  • Tread is designed for use in mud and on rocks
  • Raised Black Letter sidewall
  • Built with Mud-Phobic Bars that remove mud from the tread for continued traction
  • The Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 from BFGoodrich is designed for the drivers who love to hit the trails and spend their free time off-road. Built with a Terrain-Attack tread design, the Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 offers drivers 5% better mud traction than its predecessor, while a Krawl-TEK rubber compound enhances grip on rocks and slick surfaces. CoreGard Max Technology strengths the sidewalls to guard against sharp objects, while Traction-Armor Sidewall Sculpture in the Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 helps to prevent the sidewall from splitting.