Pilot Sport

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This ultra high performance sport (summer) tire, a descendant of the legendary Pilot Super Sport, is built with technology created for vehicle manufacturers competing in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. In track testing against three top rivals, the Pilot Sport 4 S dominated the standings, with #1 finishes in dry lap time, dry braking, and wet braking. And you get to enjoy this exceptional performance longer, because the Pilot Sport 4S delivers nearly 10% better treadlife than its predecessor.


  • Dynamic Response Technology adapts to road conditions for exceptional handling and cornering, as well as improved treadlife
  • Multi-Compound Construction uses two tread compounds: hybrid rubber on the outer shoulder for excellent handling and dry braking, and a silica-enriched compound in the center and inner shoulder for improved wet braking
  • Michelin Total Performance delivers the perfect balance of powerful traction and treadlife
  • Internal construction with dual steel belts wrapped in Aramid and nylon promotes handling and durability
  • Premium sidewall design features a dark velvet finish
  • Rim protector keeps wheels safe from scuffs and other light damage
  • Up to 30,000 Mile Warranty