Wildpeak MT-01

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When you’re off-roading out in the middle of nowhere, you want a tire you can trust -- and the Falken Wildpeak M/T01 is just that. It’s built to take on the most extreme conditions, with burly three-ply sidewalls, protective heat-diffusing technology, and an aggressive tread that chomps into mud, rocks, and debris and spits it right back out. After you explore the wild you always have to go home, and that’s when you’ll see how this tire also shines on-road, with a surprisingly smooth, quiet ride.


  • Duraspec three-ply sidewall exclusive to Falken is built to handle extreme off-road conditions; two high-ply turn-ups add even more protection
  • Heat diffuser technology diffuses heat build-up, protecting the tire’s internal components and promoting lasting stability
  • Rugged, rigid tread blocks eject stones while enhancing handling and stability
  • Mud and rock defense features – tread grooves spit out mud and debris, keeping traction strong and protecting the tread base from rock punctures
  • Aggressive upper sidewall and offset shoulder blocks protect the sidewall from damage and provide extra off-road grip
  • Optimized tread pattern with variable-pitch tread blocks promotes a smooth, quiet ride